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Teradata Teradata Aster サポートのタイプ: 読み込み&書き込み、インデータベース 読み込み サポートされているバージョン: 13,0、14.0、14.10、15 5.0、6.0 Clientバージョン: 14 14 接続タイプ: ODBC、OLE DB 32ビットおよび64ビット. Teradata Distribution of Presto Docs » 17. SQL Statement Syntax » 17.44. SHOW TABLES View page source 17.44. SHOW TABLES Synopsis SHOW TABLES [ FROM schema ] [ LIKE pattern ] Description List the tables in. Knowing the current database within Teradata is sometimes an important piece of information needed by a user. Syntax for using the DATABASE function: SELECT DATABASE; As an example, the following returns the account. Chapter 6 - HELP and SHOW The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment- Selection from Teradata SQL [Book]. The SHOW PROCEDURE command has been added to the Teradata RDBMS. It returns the SPL source text of a stored procedure if the stored procedure is created with SPL option. SHOW PROCEDURE [.]

TeraData SHOW command The Teradata Database offers several types of help using an interactive client. There are times when you need to recreate a table, view, or macro that you already have, or you need to create another object of the same type that is either. 2015/12/15 · Hi,How to find the associated tables or view in teradata?Let us assume, my table name is 'LOT' and view names are 'V1' and 'V2'I am using my table 'LOT' in view 'V1' and i am using my view 'V1' in view 'V2'.I just want to find the. You can build Views over Table or Tables or some other views. To see the view definition just use the SHOW command. Syntax: SHOW VIEW VIEW_NAME; Now if the view is built on several views and it is taking multiple SHOW.

How do I show fields in a table or view? - Guest Posted by Guest on Jun 17, 2013 in Syntax help table help view show table show view table fields How do I see all the fields in a table or view in Teradata? Community Answers: 48. Tags for Checking Rights in Teradata Check rights check permissions on particular table in Teradata check access rights user teradata dbc rights teradata dbc.allrights teradata how to check permissions in teradata how to check. Teradata provides the fastest path to secure, scalable analytics in the cloud. We provide operational agility and de-risk your buying decisions. We provide operational agility and de-risk your buying decisions.

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